Buklod Tao Ecowaste Coalition (August 20, 2009)
by: Joey Rosal, DLSUM


An environmental movement composed of NGOs, church, the academe and private citizens had their day in court last August 20, 2009. This is in regards to a legal action they filed against the local chief executive of the municipality of San Mateo for violations of Republic Act 9003 (solid waste management act). The groups decided to take legal proceedings against the said official due to the presence of several landfills within the municipality, specifically in brgy Pintong Bukawe, a local watershed and a national protected area.


The group emphasized the need to review so-called developmental projects within protected areas to ensure that these conform to existing laws and at the same time encourage other sectors to move beyond tree planting activities as an expression for love of nature. The group maintains that institutions involved in these efforts must ensure that the trees they planted actually mature to become part of the ecosystem rather than fall victim to developmental aggression.


Pintong bukawe is a treeplanting site of DLSU Manila.