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The Green for LIFE: One Million Trees and Beyond Project serves to provide a venue for more pro-active responses to environmental issues through tree-planting activities and reforestation programs that promote the propagation and caring for indigenous species. The goal is to plant and nurture one million trees by the year 2011.

The past several decades the world has been a witness of the wanton destruction of the environment brought about by man’s greed and pride. Many a time reports hog the broadsheets and newscasts about floods, landslides, global warming, and the like, due to the progression of the imbalance of the earth’s ecosystems. In the Philippines alone, only less than a quarter remains of our old-growth forests. Deforestation seems to have taken its toll and Filipinos at large are faced with a tall order of saving whatever is left and reviving the existing, haply depleting, terrestrial and coastal ecosystems.
DLSU-D’s Community Development Students join OMTB


DLSU-D’s Community Development Students join OMTB

March 2012

DLSU-D students majoring in Community Development conducted a mangrove planting activity, as part of their community immersion, last February 26, 2012 in Calatagan, Batangas. The students planted about 250 mangrove seedlings composed mainly of Sonneratia species.  One of the insights gained from the activity is the need to create a Coastal Resource Multi-sectoral Management Approach with the community to sustain the project.