Lumaniag elementary school students join COSCA’s mangrove rehabilitation initiatives

by: Joseph Rosal

Students from the Lumaniag Elementary School in Lian Batangas joined the mangrove ecosystem appreciation session conducted by the Center for Social Concern and Action last 6 March 2009. A total of 46 students from grades 5 and 6 together with 4 of their teachers participated in a learning activity conducted by COSCA personnel and student volunteers.

The grade school kids were provided with a mangrove orientation stressing the importance of the said ecosystem, sources of degradation, status of mangroves within the municipal waters of Lian and conservation efforts within Talim Bay. The students together with their teachers were also given a tour of the existing mangrove nursery established by COSCA in Sitio Keyreyna and joined in the gathering of Kalapinay (Avicennia marina spp.) and Pagatpat (Sonneratia alba spp.) wildings.

This activity is a start of the environmental efforts by COSCA to reach in-school youth residing along the coast of the municipal waters to become aware of the status of their natural resource base and contribute towards their rehabilitation. This is also part of the strategy to entice local participation in the 10-year Talim Bay Coastal Resource Management Project jointly implemented by COSCA and the Br. Alfred Shields Marine Biological Station. This mangrove orientation and subsequent learning activities are made possible by a grant provided by Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF) to the community development program of COSCA..

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